Deep Cleaning London

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Our company exists to make your life a lot easier! No longer will you have to spend your free time doing the numerous household chores because we are here to take them off your shoulders.
Booking our professional deep cleaning service will save you lots of time, money and effort. Contrary to expectations, our deep cleaning services are high in quality and low in price. We take great pride in making thousands of people happy!


We know how hard it can be to find a cleaning company you can count on. Letting people you can trust in your precious home is vital. It is the reason why we can assure you that each and every one of our housekeepers is background-checked, insured and vetted.


  • Are your housekeepers insured?

    Yes, each and every one of our housekeepers is insured, vetted and bonded. What is more, we have had their backgrounds checked.

  • How many cleaners do you usually send?

    The number of cleaners depends on the size of the cleaning project. We assure you that we will send the appropriate number of housekeepers to do the job quickly and efficiently.

  • Do I have to provide the cleaning equipment?

    To make it easier for our customers, we provide the necessary cleaning equipment. When it comes to our regular cleaning services, however, we require customers to provide the cleaning equipment, including a bucket, mop and hoover.

  • How do I pay?

    At our company, we accept payment in cash or through a bank transfer.

Our housekeepers are always well-prepared to come to your rescue and transform your place without you having to move a finger or pay a fortune. We assure you that they are reliable and dedicated. Take advantage of our deep cleaning service now and you will no longer have to worry about the household chores.

Deep Cleaning Prices

  • Deep Cleaning£18/h

Given the dynamic lifestyle most of us have, it is not a surprise that the condition of our home is often neglected. Well, we have a solution for you. Instead of stressing over the dirt and dust, our professional housekeepers are readily available to come to clean your place to perfection. They are true experts in what they do!

Thanks to our professional deep cleaning service, people will no longer have to worry about not having the time or energy to deal with the numerous household chores. We assure you that our cleaning sessions are based on a thorough checklist that includes every bit of a property, whatever the size and condition. With us, no spots are missed.
If you find booking our deep cleaning service intriguing enough, we will be looking forward to hearing from you any time soon.

What is Included in Our Deep Cleaning


  • Wipe kitchen appliances
  • Shine taps and sinks
  • Wipe dust off surfaces
  • Sweep and mop bare floors
  • Vacuum upholstered pieces and area rugs
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty trash bins


  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Wipe dust off surfaces
  • Descale showerheads
  • Sanitise and disinfect toilets, bathtubs, showers, basins, bidets
  • Remove mould, mildew, hard water stains, soap scum, limescale
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty trash bins

Bedroom and other living areas

  • Wash windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Wipe dust off surfaces
  • Vacuum upholstered pieces, area rugs and carpets
  • Sweep and mop bare floors
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty trash bins

Pros and Cons

Expert Cleaning: When you set up an appointment with our company, be sure that we will be sending expert housekeepers to perform the clean. They best know how to remove stubborn stains and dirt without dawdling away any precious time. In case you have any requirements, please feel free to let us know in advance and we will take them into account. Our housekeepers know how to get a job done.

Free time: People often neglect the condition of their homes because of the lack of free time or motivation. Besides many responsibilities that are eating up our free time, a lot of people are simply not into cleaning. Booking our company’s professional deep cleaning service will give you back your free time and you can spend it with the people you love instead of dusting around.

Constant cleanliness: When you book a professional deep cleaning service, this means that your home is regularly cleaned by true experts. It does not matter how busy you are, you are sure that your home is well-treated and cleaned.

DIY is cheaper: Doing the household chores by yourself is cheaper than booking a professional deep cleaning service. However, a professional housekeeper will do the chores to a higher standard.

Trust is important: Most people have their homes deep cleaned while they are at work. It is why it so important to hire only people you can trust. Reading reviews beforehand is also important.